Personal History

Back in late 2011, we envisioned establishing Viskup Family Ranch as a preeminent player in the longhorn business.  Our ranch was founded on the principle of delivering superior longhorns through a quality experience.  Every action on the ranch is designed to provide uncompromising care for the health and well being of our animals.  At Viskup Family Ranch, it’s not about being the biggest.  It’s all about being the best at what we do and the positive experience that’s derived when working with us.  There is a magnitude of difference in an engagement with us that’s both seen and unseen.  It’s why we are a breed apart. 

It’s a privilege to own these animals.  It’s also a responsibility that we take very seriously. We relentlessly pursue ensuring our longhorns are in good health each and every day they’re on the ranch.   It requires tremendous diligence and oversight in providing the right diet and vaccinations beginning the moment an animal arrives on our ranch.  It involves grazing on the right grass across over 330 acres with pure water sources.   We are in it with our animals for life – it’s that personal for us. 

Our ranch is a reflection of who we are as people and owners.  We’re actively engaged; not absentee owners, leaving our longhorn program in the hands of others.  When you visit, you’ll experience a ranch that exudes a sense of “calmness,” for animals and people alike. The ranch speaks to you in very different and unexpected ways. It’s an environment that’s conducive to bringing out the best in everyone. 

We’re fully transparent and go beyond the industry accepted standards in any transaction.   No corner is ever cut.  Our record keeping is comprehensive and well thought-out.  With every transaction, you’ll know everything about the animal from the time it arrived at the ranch leading up to the day when ownership is transferred.  You’ll know about the animals as well as we do.  To us, the relationship is what drives everything with both the animal and the customer.  Viskup Family Ranch is an operation that’s been established to last.

John and Daile Viskup